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Libice nad Cidlinou lies five kilometres from the spa town of Poděbrady. The freewary from Prague, which  - once finished - will go to Hradec Králové, ends in Libice. Also the river Cidlina, which gave its name to the town, finishes its ninety-three-kilometre-long journey and joins the biggest Czech river – Labe (Elbe) here...


A few historical facts about Libice 

     Libice was first mentioned in the Bronze Age. In the 6th century the first Slavic colonists arrived in the area and later, in the 8th century to be precise, it developed into an important settlement. In the 10th century Libice was a metropole of the Slavník principality. His son Vojtěch (Adalbert), who was born in Libice and has a memorial in the town, was the second Bishop of Prague. In 995 the settlement was burnt down by the Přemyslid forces and Libice was joined to the Přemyslid dominion in Prague and thus the beginnings of the Czech state were laid out.


The school

     Our school in Libice was founded 150 years ago. On January 1st, 1993 the town council established it as a new organization with legal subjectivity. The present school building was finished in 1992. Pupils from Libice and from other villages (such as Opolany, Opolánky, Oškobrh, Kánín or Odřepsy) attend the school.

The school in numbers 

others pedagogues:

after-school care centre depts.:

types of after-school activities:  









22 (11 of these are specially furnished & equipped for subjects like Biology, Science etc.)


Educational programme

Základní škola

(Elementary school)

     The school is a complete elementary school that provides complex care for its pupils. Our goal is to provide for the children in such a way that they would not have to commute to the bigger towns to participate in free-time activities. Besides educating, we focus extensively on extra-curricular activities. These activities help us to apply the school‘s deviant behaviour  prevention program.

    Another important part of our work with the pupils is training them to be able to independently find and utilise information. Our IT centre is equipped to facilitate this goal.

     The    IT    centre   consists   of a library/study room, twenty computers with wireless Internet connection and a large number of CD ROM programmes. It is open to the pupils Monday through Friday until 4pm. Children are first introduced to the IT centre and start using computers in the second grade.

     We also pay a lot of attention to liberal arts classes such as Art, Music and Family Education because we consider them important for the character development of each person. The school belongs to a network of ecologically-minded schools in the Czech Republic. For the fourth year now, all pupils are participating in an educational ecological project. We were awarded the title of Eco-school of the year 2002.


     Our year-round project of ecology education is divided into four topics, with two months dedicated to each one. The topics consist of various activities that the children do under the direct supervision of their teachers during their lessons. The best results of these activities are hung on the boards in the hallway downstairs and a few judges (both teachers and pupils) pick the best ones each month.

     Every year we organize several excursion courses or educational trips for our pupils, e.g. a natural science and ecology course, ski course and “school in nature“ for the younger children.

     Pupils of the 7th, 8th and 9th grade, in addition to participating in compulsory classes, can  choose two of these elective subjects: a second foreign language (German or English), foreign language conversation (German or English), IT, Practical Biology, or Applied Art Activities. Those who are interested can also attend a religious studies class.


E-mail us @: zslibice@zslibice.cz



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